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Plotting Meme Time
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thepull_mods wrote in sirenspull_ooc
M E M E!!!

I know there are a lot of hiatuses going on and it IS that time of the year again but... Plotting time is a go!

How does it work?

1. Post an entry detailing your characters, what kind of plot they have going on, what kind of plot you'd like others to be involved in. If you're looking for new types of CR, post up what kind you'd be interested in.

2. Look at other player's posts, and offer your characters up for CR and involvement in plots you're interested in.


Use your character journals or lump it all in one!

Game Calender:
To help each other stay in touch with what might be coming up this next month in game we are posting an Event Form! This is a tentative game plot for the month of SEPTEMBER. If you have a plot that you wish to bring up so everyone can be involved, mention it below (if it is something small between 1-5 characters, it doesn't need to be held for the calendar). If you're plotting ahead for something which will affect a significant number of people, like breaking a sewer main in a sector, shutting down a frequented location, causing a lot of widespread status effects etc, please let us know early so we can give everyone a quickie-rundown idea of what's going on when. This is also to help keep from too many plots stacking up on top of each other.

Event Form

September Plot Calendar Reminders: (plan your player plots accordingly!)

~ September is weird disease month. Keep your eye out for things...
~ New Creatures spotted here and there...
In short: Keep an eye on the news this month. Remember! If you want an open log for any of the little things you find in the news... just ask!

And now some updated information forms! Short and simple for a fast post or, now with more information questions, a longer detailed box. Feel free to ADD or REMOVE anything you see fit, and remember that these forms are optional. Fill out as little or as much information as you desire, though the more you give people to work with the better.

Hot To Fill It Out
Permissions Post: If you have a permissions post, post it here!
Character Relation Chart: If you have a CR chart, post it here!
Power Information: What is your characters power? Do they know it yet? Do you want people to learn about it? Do you want a powers malfunction to happen? Do you need help having your character discover it?
Work Information: Where do they work? Maybe someone else works there too! CR is easy with people you work with!
Living Information: Where do they live? Are they with a group of people (boarding house) or alone? Need a roommate? Great way of finding more CR.
Other Information: What else do you want people to know? Quarks or habits? Strange things going on with them this month?
I Am Looking For: WHAT are you looking for? More plot? More friends? Romance? Death? Crazy random happenstance? Anything you want, list it here.

Short Simple Form

More Detailed Form

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Late response. I am dumb.

Yes, I know. ;_; I still am sad he got tortured because Tenma is so cute and fluffy in the first volume. (That's all I remember sad I know.)

And it's his conditional ability. He is able to reverse/manipulate his appearance based on his age as long as his memory can sustain it (within the scope of 8 - his current age of 57 from Hannibal) and he is "young" because being the same age when he was a medical student would be a perfect cover for him in order for him to blend in.

When he arrived in late June he just basically laid low for a while and then shortly began to notice there was something in his memory palace (which is something canon-related) that wasn't there before and began to experiment with it, thus his con. ability.

Nearly two months later he is using several different aliases, and thus his first identity as well as this one are kept separate. He is ready to return to "public life" now that he has a means to...And being a medical student would enable him to learn some useful information about the Port since being young and "pretty" makes him less suspicious than say...himself as an older man, haha.

Somehow this ended up as more in-depth than I'd meant to. xD Lengthly explanation. Sorry.

He's cute and fluffy forever ;; Torturing him got him to build up some strength, though.

Hey, I wanted an explanation, I'm glad that I know now! That's very cool as a power, actually, and I'm excited for Tenma and him to interact. It'll be awesome, and man, I still love Lecter. No matter the age.

Poor man...I felt so badly for him when I first started reading the series. He was so dopey and gullible and sweet.

Aw, I'm glad you think so. I am excited too! I need to get him out there more. :> And yaaaaay. I shall try to do him some justice, at any rate.~

He's slowly getting back to that. Kinda. Not fully, but kinda.

Awesome, I can't wait.

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